Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lighthouse Ministries Banquet

Banquet held at Highland Park Church in Lakeland, Florida

Lighthouse Ministries, Lakeland Florida requested we create their LOGO out of balloons to add color to the stage for their annual banquet.

8 ft tall Lighthouses were placed on either side of the stage.

Latex Floor Clusters Greeted Guest as they entered the Family Ministries building. A 16 inch latex on top with 6, 11 inch latex balloons add color to any space.
We would be glad to recreate your logo for your special event just email to Call 863-647-1577 to make sure we got your request with the Date and location of your event. We enjoy Creating Memorable Celebrations!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Preparing for Graduation

No matter what School your Graduate Goes to we can design custom centerpieces and room decor to match your school colors.

2009 in Glitter with Graduate Caps

Centerpieces pictured are 13 inches tall - can be made in a variety of sizes and ANY color!

2009 With Stars in Glitter
Please visit our website and click on Graduation to see a few of our other designs. We make Table Top and life size Graduates. Dance Floor Designs, Fun Graduate Pool Floats, Your Graduates Name Balloon Banner...the possibilities are endless!

We look forward to Creating a Memorable Celebration!

Monday, April 27, 2009

March of Dimes Walk, 2009

5 ft and 8 ft Columns with a "Palm Tree" topper Makes for a Fun Start to the March of Dimes walk around Lake Hollingsworth.

We put a set on either side of the start line.

Call 863-255-2025 to let us know what event you have coming up that we can decorate for you!

The March of Dimes also had some Logo Printed Balloons they needed inflated for the event...we brought a helium tank with us to take care of that need - so they did not have the extra cost of renting a tank from a gas company.

Lakeland Chamber Luau, 2009

Did you attend the Lakeland Chamber Luau and Wondered where the decor and balloons came from?

When Planning your summer Luau we can supply all the burst of Color you need!

Dealing with a Windy day we covered Hi Tops with Lime and Hot Pink table clothes and alternated Shell Centerpieces and Luau Printed Boxes.

22 inch Hybiscus Printed Bubbles are a GREAT solution in the Florida Hot Sun -- they are bright and colorful and can handle the heat! Bubbles come in a variety of prints.

Large Flowers added color to the tent Poles.

We added Grass Skirts to the Judges Tables and Entrance Tents.
Give us a call at 863-255-2025 to have us set up custom decor for your next Celebration.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lake Gibson Prom 2009

Orlando World Center Marriott Resort

Arabian Nights -

Organza Arch for the Photo area.

The photographer placed a screen behind the fabric draping (not pictured)

These pictures do not show the detail of the beauty and sparkle of this event - however it will give you a taste of some of the Fabric Designs we can create for your Celebration.

Sculpted Columns with Crescents marked the entrance to their Arabian Paradise.

Lighted organza Entrance arch from inside the ballroom.

The dance floor placed in the center of the room with an Organza Tent to serve as the focal point for dancing the night away.

Custom Rental Centerpieces were designed to keep the theme alive throughout the room.

White Ostrich feather Palms on lighted purple organza stands, alternated with
6 ft Tall Magic Lamps

Thanks to My Crew!
From left to right Wendy, Brian (my hubby) then Me (Joette), Jamie and Brian. And in the front row my daughter Marlee.

Rainbow Ball 2009

Saturday, April 18th at the Red Rose

Did you know that Party People Celebration Company offers Custom Fabric Design's?

When I met with Stacey, the decorating Chair for the Rainbow Ball -fundraiser for the Child Abuse Council she stated she wanted some type of fabric tenting done around the room to accent the entrances and Dessert Tables.

Using vibrant Gold organza we created 5 points of focus. The Main entrance to the room.

After walking through the Main entrance as you go into the main room guest walked under another Tent - this is your view as you walk in.

This is your view from inside the room.

When I went to take down the fabric - I was delighted to hear that the guest really enjoyed the decor and accents we created for the event.

Tenting surrounded the dessert Buffet's on either side of the room.

Imagine the organza in White for your Wedding.

Organza and other fabric designs can be custom done in any color of your choice for a Sweet 16, or any special celebration!

View inside the room showing an inside entrance and dessert Buffet.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Autism Walk Lake Hollingsworth

Thanks to Linda from Petals who Sponsored the Balloon Columns for Lakeland's Autism Walk at Lake Hollingsworth. We enjoy working with Corporate Sponsors and Non Profit organizations as they put on events around Polk County.
We put up 2, 5 ft columns with 6 helium balloons coming off the top.
To view other Balloon Decor available for your Event visit our website

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Church Picnic

Church Picnic and Easter Egg Hunt accented with colorful balloons.

The Lime and light blue shows you what helium balloons look like outside without wind.

The Primary color balloons show you what happens when the wind starts blowing.

We use heavy outdoor weights to keep the balloons at your tables -- however folks may get hit in the head by the balloons.

We have many other options for outdoor balloons if you are concerned about the wind - just give us a call 863-647-1577

We can load 100 arranged balloons in the van---it just makes it a little hard for my Daughter to see out the windows!

We have a 10 ft Trailer we use for larger deliveries....but it's fun to arrive with 100 balloons and keep pulling them out of the van!

Colette's 50th Surprise Birthday Party

Lake Mirror Tower, April 4th

My lovely assistant Marlee stands next to the cake table to show off the size of the arch. Beautiful Cake by A Piece of Cake by Maggi.

Thank you Suzann for the referral to Jeff - he was a great hubby planning the surprise party for Colette.