Monday, December 28, 2009

Merrry Christmas!

This Delivery was made on Christmas Day to the Terrace Hotel for a Clients Family Christmas Dinner. Table Top Snowman, and Helium clusters added Christmas Cheer to the Room!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Political Red, White and Blue

8 ft Garland Columns with 3 ft Red Foil Star on Top
Let guest know where the entrance was for this Political Event.

As Guest Entered the Building
10 ft Sculpted Columns Framed the Registration Table

Thin Link columns with 3 ft Foil stars are a upgraded alternative
from Balloons on Ribbon to Mark the Way to the Room for the event.

If you wish 3 ft Toppers can have Directional Arrows or Logo's on them when needed.

20 inch Foil Stars were hung from the ceiling to carry the Red, White and Blue theme
throughout the event. Attaching Balloons to the ceiling is a great way to create color in a space.

Another Thin Link Column with 3 ft Star showed guest to the Bar.

20 inch Stars from the ceiling in a pattern gave a little extra color to keep the theme going in a smaller space.

Call 863-255-2025 to reserve the date for your Political or Patriotic Event.
We create the Decor custom for your event to fit your space and budget!

Goldie's Bat Mitzvah - Tampa

Goldie's Bat Mitzvah was held on the weekend of Hanukkah
We created this Menorah to go behind the Candy Table
Sculpture can be recreated in any color you wish.

40 inch tall Silver Letters form the Goldie Arch over the Menorah
behind the Candy Table display

These balloon clusters were made on Friday and treated with Hi Float so they would last for the weekends activities. The Catering Staff then placed them on the tables for Saturday's event.

Let us know the theme and colors for your Mitzvah and we will enjoy creating custom decor for your celebration! Call 863-255-2025 to reserve your Date

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Fabric at the Lakeland Center

Lakeland Center Sikes Hall Prior to Fabric draping....

Organza Draping ads the PIZZAZ to any celebration!
This decor was created for a Company Christmas Event.

Satin Curtain originally was going to be used as a backdrop for the stage.
when the Screen moved to the Stage - we adjusted the plan and hung the custom Lime Curtain Underneath the screen to give a wonderful Burst of Color to the stage.

Organza swags help Soften a space and reduce the height of the ceiling.
Let us know the Theme and Color scheme for your celebration and we will install custom draping to meet your needs.

Betty's Place Client Appreciation Christmas Party

Betty hosted her annual Client Appreciation Christmas Party at the Hylton Garden Inn at the Lakeland Airport. We hung beautiful 36 inch Holiday Tapers from the ceiling - they look like large Christmas Ornaments.

We placed red organza on the middle of each table as a nice tablescape for the alternating Centerpieces.

Glass Vase with Foil, Holly garland and Helium Balloon coming out the top
Surrounded by Christmas Ornaments

Holiday Pine Pick with Christmas gift surrounded by Foil Picks.
We create custom centerpieces with any color and theme you wish - just let us know your main concept and we will take care of the rest!

Cake Table was accented with Organza, bead garland and Ornaments.

Wishing You and Yours a Very Merry Christmas!

My Little Pony Birthday

This 6 color balloon Arch was created for Camilla's Special My Little Pony 3rd Birthday
Originally planned to use outdoors as an entrance for the guest - was adapted for the Cake Table on a raining morning.

Helium balloons were tied to each chair to add color around the Patio

Rainbow centerpieces with Mini Signs for the Birthday Girl.

Jumbo Little Pony Foil with 5 latex balloons greeted guest as they entered the Party.

We had custom signs made to Point Guest in the right direction

Let us know the theme of your event plus your decor and sign needs and we will put it all together for you!

Sign showed Guest the schedule for the day.
Lot's of Fun to be had by All

Call 863-255-2025 to have us create custom decor for your next Celebration!

Holly Ball

String of Pearls arch over dance floor area in Red, Green and Snowflake Print.

5 balloon helium clusters for table top centerpieces

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lakeland Parade 2009 Valleyview Elementary

Nothing sends the message of Winter like a Snowman!
Brian and I (Party People Celebration Company) were honored to Serve as a Sponsor for the Decor for this years Valleyview Elementary school float.

If you were at the Parade we were on the Top level throwing snowballs!

Thanks to the wonderful team of fellow PTA members we were able to add extra cheer and glow to the Float. My daughter is a 4th Grader at Valleyview and I am glad to be able to Serve on the PTA at a school full of great Staff and Volunteers.

Need Help putting your float together?
Give us a call 863-255-2025
We are glad to work with Professional Floats as seen in these pictures, or Handmade floats.
We added the Signs, Fabric, extra lights, Snowman, snowflakes
And then the extra props of Scarfs, mittens and Snowballs (balloons) for the riders to "throw" at the Parade watchers. Lakeland Parade rules state you cannot give anything out or throw anything from the Floats - so it was fun to watch faces as people Hoped to Catch a snowball - but like a yo yo the Balloon Snowballs would come back to our hands to throw at the next group of people.

We will be glad to do Creative Brainstorming with you to meet the objective you have for your Float whatever holiday you are celebrating!

Winter Wonderland 2008

This Dance floor was for a Corporate Holiday Party held in Tiger Town Hanger December 2008
PRIOR to me starting the blog. With the Holiday season here I thought you would enjoy what beautiful effects balloons and Lighting can have on a space

A snow tunnel was created for the entrance to give guest a Wow effect as they walked into the room. Previous room also had snow and lighting to create the mood from the moment they came into the building.

This upclose picture shows you what a great transformation lighting can have on your decor.
Call 863-255-2025 to let us know what celebration you would like us to Enhance the environment for!

Kathleen High 1984 Class reunion

We were hired by the Class of 1984 to add color to the stage area at the Coleman Bush Building
Numbers are available in Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, and two Multicolored designs
Call 863-255-2025 to have us add the Color to your next celebration!

Garland Arch with Lighting serves as a great welcome to your guest!