Thursday, October 27, 2011

Football Banquet - LCS 2011

Custom LCS low balloon centerpiece created from 7 inch silver letter balloons and 4 inch footballs with latex in the schools Blue and white.

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I really enjoy working with my repeat clients, who enjoy balloon decor and creating a fun environment. This year for the Middleschool football banquet at LCS we created a "running" football player and Goal Post for the stage.

Closeup of Goal post with helium football.

upclose of "running" football player.

A mix of tall and short centerpieces create interest throughout the 24 tables.

This tall centerpiece is created on a 30 inch tall acrylic stand so your view of the person across the table is not obstructed. LCS in mini 7 inch tall letters, a 9 inch foil football on the bottom and 18 inch foil football topper. Let us know your school or favorite team colors and this centerpiece design can be customized to your football event. Or if you are interested in another sport we can change out for Basketball, soccer, tennis etc. You name the theme and we will create the custom decor!

Fall Baby shower

This Fall themed baby shower was held at Webster University in Lake Wales Fl.
2 Scarecrow Columns with Fall bubble balloons at color to the stage area at the entrance to the room

Burgandy linking arch creates color over the cake table

custom pumpkin balloons add fun to the cake table

green linking column with leaf print bubble balloons create arch over the head table.

We set up the balloons for this event prior to the linens and room being set. Let us know the Theme, colors for your shower or celebration and we will create a fun look just for you. 863-255-2025 email

Cowboy - Western themed shower

Jumbo cowboy boot with 6 latex start the theme for the shower as guest enter the home.

Jumbo horse balloon with 6 latex.

St. Paul Denim and Pearls Fundraiser 2011

Pictures just don't capture the wonderful feel the Blue and white organza creates as you walk into the fundraiser at the Lake Mirror Center. Organza swag over the main Tables, and a Blue Tent effect over the buffett were created by Party People Celebration company call 863-255-2025 to order fabric decor for your celebration.

To start the theme at the entrance we installed several 8 ft fence props and Cactus.

The fundraising committee requested that we create a Blue Organza tent over for the food buffet.

Let us know the theme and colors for your celebration and we will create custom decor for you 863-255-2025 email

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Downtown Lakeland Partnership Luncheon 2011

For the Downtown Lakeland Partnership Luncheon we provided extra large 16 inch helium balloons with collars in the DLP logo colors, Blue, yellow, Lime and orange.

Let us know the date and theme for your event and we will be glad to provide custom decor for you. 863-255-2025 email

Polk Bridal Exhibit Lakeland Center Fall 2011

For this Falls Bridal Exhibit held in Sykes Hall at the Lakeland Center. Party People Celebration company provided the Ivory Sateen Backdrop and 10 ft wide Brown Organza canopy over the stage.

We set up our White Sateen Chuppah for the Lakeland Center, that was created for their Dream Wedding winner in September.

The Chuppah can have flowers, crystals, accent color fabric etc added to it to create the effect you want for your special day.

Want something a little smaller for the backdrop of your wedding...we can create a custom backdrop and swag that is not 4 sided.

Below is the Chuppah set in the Lake Parker room for their Dream wedding cermony
Call 863-255-2025 or email to let us know what elegant decor you would like us to provide for your wedding or elegant event.

Polk State College Stage Decor

Many of our clients come to us after seeing our decor at another event. The Polk County Schools ESOL event is one of those events.

They saw our decor at the Jim Miles Center for the Shinning Stars Awards and asked if we could provide some decor for their event at Polk State College.

Red star arch gives color to the front of stage

While 5 ft Blue Satin columns with 3 ft Foil Stars give color to the back of the stage.

2 more columns were placed in the area where food would be served.

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Company Breakfast

We Created Star topped columns and Star Centerpieces for a Company breakfast.

Let us know how many centerpieces you need and your colors and we will create custom decor for your next event 863-255-2025 or email

5 ft sculpted column with 18 inch foil star

Homecoming Dance - Lake Gibson 2011

Famous Couples
Was the theme for this years homecoming.

The Homecoming Committee requested to have a varitey of backdrops to take fun photos at. We put out 5 Photo cut outs. Peace, Disco, Red Carpet, Queen and King of Hearts and Saloon created the photo area at one corner of the gym.

Balloon Stantions were created by the DJ area

The entire Gym serves as the dance floor, so we created a hot Pink Organza canopy out to 6 points with 3 Ft Silver holigraphic star accents to continue the romance theme

Fabric and Balloon Entrance Arch accented with Hot Pink Organza and Silver Lame.

Let us know the theme for your homecoming or prom and we will create custom decor for you. To help stretch your decorating dollars if you have a committee that wishes to help out with the installation of the decor we will be glad to create a plan that will work for you.

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March of Dimes Chef's Auction 2011

Party People Celebration Company Created Feather Spandex column for the Red carpet entrance to an Evening in Paris at The Lakeland Center. This Fundraising event held at the Lakeland Center for 1,000 people.

Party People installed Black Organza over the inside entrance to give a feel of walking under the Eiffel Tower as you entered the room

We created Tall Feather centerpieces on Eifel tower glass vases

Thank you to Premier Party Rentals of lakeland for serving as a sponsor for the event also and providing the Low Feather Centerpieces in Black and White Vases.

Joette, Owner of Party People Celebration Company serves on the March Of Dimes Chef's Auction committee and enjoys working with all the volunteers that help set teh 100 table centerpieces for this annual event.

The mix of Tall and short feather centerpieces adds deminsion and color throughout the large Exhibit Hall at the Lakeland Center.

Party People celebration company creates custom decorations for any celebration. Just call 863-255-2025 or email to reserve our services for your next fundraiser or special event.

Rett Syndrome Walk 2011 Lake Parker

This Garland arch with reverse spiral from the center adds color and fun to the start line for the Rett Syndrome walk on the sidewalks at Lake Parker.

Call 863-255-2025 or email to let us know the color and decor needs for your event. We take all the hassel out of your decor - with delivery and pick up services.

Women's Choice Walk 2011

For outdoor Walks and runs people often ask for a Helium Balloon Arch. A great alternative is our airfilled columns on heavy support systems that allow your balloons to stay in one place rather than moving in the wind, or falling to the ground if it rains.

2 5 ft garland columns with fun 360 flares ontop - makes the column reach up to 8 ft tall.. Todays walk start was moved under an awning since the rains were on their way.

Need Helium balloons for your event? No need for you to spend hours cutting ribbon, lugging a rental helium tank etc. Just let us know how many balloons you need and we will bring them ready for you to arrange...or we can arrange on weights and install for you. For the walk, they wanted to place balloons on we dropped them off in the hall for them to get as needed.

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Shinning Star Tech Awards Polk county Schools 2011

3 ft red star sits atop a lovely 5 ft Satin Column, creating an elegant entrance for this special awards ceremony.

18 inch foil stars hang from ceiling to add color to the lobby, and Gold gold tafetta swags adorn the expo tables.

We swagged gold taffeta on the black table to add elegance to the awards table.

Low star arch infront of stage adds a wonderful burst of color

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