Friday, April 30, 2010

Platform Arts

Party Sprays on 10 ft Poles lined the Outdoor Members only area
To go with the Art in Motion Theme - balloons moved in the Wind.

9 ft Sculptures hung from the ceiling to give color to this large space

Stage Decor

5 ft column with 3 ft topper and 260 flairs

For Arts in Motion Fundraiser, Platform asked me to create some Balloon decor for their Warehouse space, and a Headdress for the Opera Singer part of the evenings entertainment line up.

Polk County School Board Health Fair

16 inch Helium Balloon Clusters off the top of Arch help draw attention to Apex Booth from across the gym.

We make your Booth Stand out at any Trade show. We can supply Banners or signs with your Logo - or use existing signage that you have.

24 inch Latex balloon around the room, and String of Pearls arch on the stage to add color throughout the event.

Spring Ideas

Spring Flowers in an Easter Bag make a great Centerpiece or Gift.

Balloon Flowers can be made in any color - and put in a variety of containers. Let us know the theme of your event and we will custom create the decor for you!

Easter Egg Balloons will last for several weeks and make a fun look for Classrooms, Store Displays and Easter Parties.

Creative Balloon Deliveries

This Deluxe 18th Birthday Bouquet with 40 inch Tall Numbers was created for a Delivery to this lucky Student at her school. Custom Deliveries are available with at least a 3 day notice.

Happy Birthday Cupcake foil paired with 4 solid color bubble balloons - this entire bouquet is Latex free if you are needing to create Decor at a Latex free location let us know and we can create custom decor for you.

Tower of Love -- long lasting balloon decor can serve as a Delivery Piece or Centerpiece.

Valentine's Dance

These Self Supporting Balloon Columns work great for Decorations around Valentines Day can last for up to 2 weeks! Two Cursive Heart Columns make a great frame for a Photo area for this dance.

Dance floor was framed with 4 freestanding Balloon columns with Cursive Heart Foils on top.

HPN All Stars Basketball and Cheer Awards night

Backdrop created on the Stage at HPN for the Cheer and Basketball Awards
Team pose under the arch for Team Pictures as they get their awards.

Let us know your celebration and colors and we will create custom decor for you!

5 ft column with Gold 260 Flairs to Add Fun to the Stage

Organza Dance Floor

6 Wide, White Organza Swags were installed over Dance floor to create a touch of Elegance to this High school Reunion.

Fabric is available in a variety of colors and styles.

Lipson Mitzvah

Fabric Swagging is available in a variety of colors, and types of Fabric to meet our clients needs.

Party People Celebration Company installed Gold and Black organza to the Double staircase to add color to the atrium. Large Tropical Flower arrangements were created by Petal's to set the tone as guest arrived.

Balloons add color throughout the room.

3foot Gold Latex with collar and sheer gold fabric add color and elegance to this Room with Large Ceilings.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mulberry High School Prom 2010

We enjoy Creating Custom Decor for each of our clients. For this years Prom Mulberry's Prom Committee Picked Come Fly with me - with 5 different destinations represented around the room in Centerpieces and Individual Buffets. Let us know your theme and we will create custom decor for you!

4 ft square sign as students entered registration area

9 ft tall Eiffel Tower Greeted Students as they entered Prom to give the feel of world travel.

We Created a Sky canopy out of organza and Balloon clouds to go with the Come Fly with me theme. As the DJ's lighting changed colors throughout the night the fabric and balloons picked up the colors of the lights to make a great effect over the dance floor.

Island Backdrop

China Buffet Decor

Chinese Centerpiece

New York Buffet Backdrop

Destination Italy buffet decor.

Italy Centerpiece

Island Centerpiece

Statue of Liberty Centerpiece
6 different Centerpieces were used at the 12 tables around the room to represent the different destinations for the Prom