Friday, March 9, 2012

Neon Prom

Our first prom for 2012 season
Frostproof High, at Nora Mayo Hall in Winter Haven Florida

RAVE at the Masquerade!
Balloon Mask creates an arch with 2 neon curly fun columns Great the Students as they enter prom.

Neon curly columns up close.

Per Prom committees request we covered the Pillars with Lime and Pink Fabric to bring more color to the room.

Linens bring extra color to the room - providing seating for a special dinner being served at the prom.

View of the large dance floor criss cross canopy from the stage. 10 ft tall topiary Columns topped with Fun Flairs with Neon balloons string of pearls criss cross canopy create fun color in this tall room!

Let us know the theme and colors for your event and we will create custom decor for you. 863-255-2025 email website


Florida Southern wants to make sure their guest feel welcomed at Breakfast during scholars weekend. This arch will last for a week or more to greet the students!

Call 863-255-2025 to order your custom balloon decor we deliver in Central Florida - or will travel as our clients need. email

Helium balloons bring color to the air in the large wellness center for dinner.

Grand Opening Tampa Florida

BALLOONS are a great way to get peoples attention. We enjoy traveling around centeral Florida for Chase bank Grand openings.

To create colorful balloon decor for your grand opening or special event please call 863-255-2025 or email
or website

2 foil balloon columns with 3 ft Star topper.

Curve topiarys create a great attention getter attached to sheperds hooks at the front of the parking lot.

Let us know the colors for your event and we will create custom decor for you!

Bridal Shower

This elegant Damask print balloon looks lovely mixed with purple for this small bridal shower held at a school.

We can put any color inside the damask print for your wedding, birthday etc.
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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Grand Opening Balloons

Chase Bank, Sarrasota FL off of Blvd of Presidents is in a really neat shopping district.

We delivered 6 topiaries and 2 columns to let everyone passing by know that this location is now open for business!

Call 863-255-2025 or email to hire Party People Celebration Company to create Balloon Decor for your next event.

Foil balloons come in a variety of colors - let us know your theme and color scheme and we will create custom decor for you.

Columns with 3 ft stars on top mark the entrance

These curve topiaries are great at attracting attention since most people have not seen this unique design of balloons.

Party People Celebration Companies Lead designer, Joette Giardina is a Certified Balloon Artist. And participates in ongoing training in the Balloon and Events industry to bring our clients wonderful and exciting balloon decor!

Chase Bank Grand Opening McMullen, Clearwater FL

2 foil columns with 3 ft star toppers mark the entrance for customers.

Curves topiaries Draw attention to those passing by to know Chase Banks new location is now open.

A total of 6 topiaries were used infront of the branch.

Based in Lakeland Florida, Party People Celebration Company travels throughout central Florida to deliver balloon decor for Chase Bank grand openings, Proms, Awards banquets and private events. Call 863-255-2025 or email to reserve our services for your special event.

Prom Fashion Show - Under the Sea

For George Jenkins High School we created an under the sea arch for the students to walk under during the fashion show.

Clear Helium balloons create bubbles with foil Dolphins around the ship mast in the back of the stage to carry out the theme.

Call Party People Celebration company to create custom balloon decor for you in Central Florida, we travel based on clients budget and needs. We are based in Lakeland Florida call 863-255-2025 or email Website

Bulk Balloons

Have you ever needed over 100 balloons and didn't have a way to transport the balloons to where you needed them? Didn't want to deal with Renting a helium tank....and not know who to call? Party People Celebration Company can help you out!

We have a 12 ft trailer and can deliver Columns, Arches and Helium clusters to your event.

For Christina Softball we delivered balloons in bags - they tied to the fence untill they needed them.

Call 863-255-2025 to order your balloons. We serve Central Florida, based out of Lakeland Florida. Website