Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mardi Gras Awards Banquet 2012

Bartow Hospital contrated Party People Celebration Company to decorate Nora Mayo Hall in Winter Haven for their annual awards banquet. This years theme Mardi Gras
As employees walked into the room - Green and Purple uplights gave a nice glow. Mardi Gras Foil topper on linking balloons bring color to the space.
Feather mask centerpieces let you know its a Mardi Gras Event.
Fun Tall balloon centerpieces make things Festive from the moment you walk in.
A mix of different types of Centerpieces around the room brings interest to a large space.
Tall Feather mask centerpiece with beads inside acrylic tube and accented with mini balloons for added color.
Another great view of the room!
Helium balloon beeds!
Purple and gold tafetta backdrop accented with balloon bead swags. Call Party People Celebration Company 863-255-2025 or email to order Mardi Gras decor or any theme for your celebration in Central florida. Party People is based in Lakeland Florida.

Lakeland Christmas Parade 2012

Allen & Company hired us to create balloon accents for their float. Foil balloons were used to accent the company sign and create the middle of the bow for the jumbo package.
Latex balloon loops were created for the larger part of the bow with foil balloons for the middle sparkle accent.
Fun Whimsical columns were created at the front of the float.
the Children start to arrive to ride the float with their family.
Lime, Red and White balloons coordinate with the Floats custom signs.
Call Party People Celebration company 863-255-2025 or email to have use create custom decor for your Float or special event. Party People Celebration Company is based in Lakeland Florida and serves Central Florida.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall Wedding, October 2012 Magnolia Building Lakeland, FL

Fall Inspired Wedding cake decorated by Mother of the Bride.
Rust, Orange and Copper Organza Canopy over the dance floor. Organza Swag for sweet heart table, and White Crushed Satin Arch with Orange Organza and Leaf Garland Accents.
Dance floor organza Canopy from side of room.
Cake Table Organza swag.
Magnolia building is a beautiful setting, Organza canopy brings color of the wedding to the space.
Organza accents on the patio.
Crushed Satin and Fall accent arch.
The White Crushed Satin Arch can be accented with Any color to match your Wedding. For Organza Canopy at your wedding, or special event call Party People Celebration Company 863-255-2025 or email To see more of our decor visit website
10 ft tall Garland Columns with Firework topper - is great for windy days. To mark Start line at Making strides Cancer Walk in Bartow. Pink tent in background by Premier Party Rentals, Lakeland Florida. For custom balloon decor in Central Florida for your event call Party People Celebration Company 863-255-2025

Thursday, October 25, 2012

50's theme Fundraiser St Paul school 2012

Party People Celebration Company was hired to bring the 50's feel of "Grease is the Word" fundraiser.
String of Pearls Black, pink and teal balloons over the gym bring color. Silver Curtain on pipe and drape ads shimmer to the back wall behind the silent auction.
The Hit of the evening was the 2 ice cream sodas on either side of the drink table.
Ice cream sodas are 8ft tall with a cherry on top.
Tall 50's centerpiece with real 45 records.
Low centerpieces with 45 record and music notes carry out the 50's theme.
7 ft tall Jukebox. Call 863-255-2025 or email to order balloons for your special event. Party People is located in Lakeland Florida, and delivers decor throughout central florida.

Making Strides Cancer walk 2012 Bartow

10 ft garland column with Flairs by Party People Celebration Company Pink tent by Premier Party Rentals. To order balloons for your event call 863-255-2025 or email We are based in Lakeland Florida and serve all of Central Florida with onsite decor.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rust Tent Organza Wedding

The Bride requested we install Rust Organza to her tent for her backyard wedding. 4, 20 x 20 tents from Premier Party Rentals -Lakeland were installed to the backyard. Party People Celebraiton Company provided and installed the organza.
The middle of the tent where all 4 tents come together.
Food area Call Party People Celebration company 863-255-2025 or email to order custom organza swags for your celebration. Party People is based in Lakeland Florida and travel throughout Central Florida to set up events for our clients.

Lakeland Yatch club Puttin on the Ritz

As guest arrived for the Ball, they walked through Gold Tafetta entrance.
White and black backdrop created for the band, Red and White Feathers by Party People Celebration Company.
Black Taffata curtain create entrance from the lobby, into the ballroom with Retro 20's themed backdrop on the stage.
Fabric Backdrops are made custom for our clients, let us know the colors and theme for your event and we will create something special for you.
Tall Spandex columns with feathers ad Pizzaz to the room.
Party People Celebration Company provided and arranged the Feather and fabric decor, we worked in partnership with The Flower Cart florist - Lakeland who provided the vases and lovely flowers. Call 863-255-2025 email to order decor for your celebration. Party People is based in Lakeland Florida and serves central florida.

Fall themed Fashion show and Professional Development at Babe's

Topiary Cluster from ceilng with Leaf print, and organza swag with leaves bring color to food tables.
If you would like Fall themed decor - or any season for your store or office, call 863-255-2025 or email to plan your decor needs. visit us on Facebook Party People Celebration Company is based in Lakeland Florida, and serves Central Florida.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Headdress Ball 2012

Twisted Headdress Ball 2012 in Orlando. Headdress designed by Michael Taylor of Orlando Party Store was hired to design the headdress. I had the pleasure of working with Michael as his assistant for the project. The Theme was The Wizard of the headdress included Tornado, House, Yellow brick road, rainbow, Blue Flying Monkeys and a pair of red shoes!
This is the Ice sculpture in the Bar at the Fundraiser in Orlando.
Mike testing the Headdress outside, as it was too tall to wear inside the store without hitting the ceiling! We worked overnight Friday night till 5 in the morning on the base design, then finished it on Saturday before the ball at the venue.
The house going up on top of the Tornado. contact Party People Celebration Company 863-255-2025 email to find out how we can create a custome costume or headdress for you.

Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower

I assisted Orlando party Store in bulding and "umbrella" tree that their client requested for a Winnie the Pooh baby shower...the Mother wanted her daughter to have a limb right over her head as she sat to open gifts.
Client wanted the ceiling over Kitchen to look like a mix of white clouds and individual blue balloons. Call 863-255-2025 or email to order decor for your event. Party People Celebration Company is based in Lakeland Florida and serves centeral Florida.

25th Class Reunion

Auburndale Highschool class reunion asked for us to create a custom centerpiece with 25, blue and gold, with lights and a place to put their cupcakes at the base.
lighted centerpiece create drama in a low light room.
Centerpieces can be created with any year at the top for Anniversarys, Birthdays, reunions and corporate Celebration, accent colors can be changed to meet your needs.
Helium balloons in blue and Gold added another layer of color throughout the room. Call 863-255-2025 or email to order decor for your celebration. We are located in Lakeland, and serve all of Centeral Florida.