Friday, November 27, 2009

Ceiling Balloons

For this Minnie Mouse Party we put Balloons throughout the house to add color.
Mom requested Zebra Print for extra fun with the red and black!

If you want help setting up displays like this just let me know and I will put you in touch with the mom from this party who enjoys coordinating all the little extras!

Mulberry Highschool Homecoming

Add Color to the Ceiling - No Matter how High!
Balloons are a great way to color the air!

When expecting a Full Gym of High School Students - it's nice to have the decor UP and out of the way to leave plenty of space for student to dance.

Let us know the theme for your Homecoming, Prom or other Themed Dance and we will create Decor for you!

Chocolate Theme Birthday!

Chocolate Soda Arch Marked the Entrance

4 Chocolate Sodas were at the corners of the dance floor with a String of Pearls Canopy

And Loose Balloons were put in a balloon Coral over another lower ceiling area of dance floor

Linens and Silks in these pictures by Flowers by Marliyn, Lakeland FL

Off Broadway Tony and Tina's Wedding!

For Tony and Tina's Dinner Theatre Production at the Lakeland Center
We installed 6 rows of Fabric from the Ceiling working around the lighting to make sure not to block any spots going to the Stage etc.

A White Tulle heart, Red Foil curtain and White tulle and lights were added to the front stage

3 ft Hearts, 18 white heart and Jumbo Wedding Bell Balloons were added to create a fun Reception space for this Tacky Italian Wedding.

If you have not made it to a production of Tony and Tina's Wedding - -get tickets the next time it comes to town it is a GREAT production!

Inspiration Designs from FLOAT the convention

This is just a sample of the fun new designs I was able to experience at Convention!

As a Certified Balloon Artist, I know how important it is to stay current on the new styles of balloons that manufactures are offering, and to learn the NEWEST techniques from Balloon Professionals around the world

I attended classes with instructors from throughout the US plus Belgium, Netherlands, Canada and France!

When Planning your next celebration - -just let me know the Theme, Colors, or what you want to potray and I will be glad to share the ideas from Convention to TRANSFORM your Space!

Joette Became an Award Winning Balloon Designer!

Go Green was designed by Joette Giardina, CBA Owner of Party People Celebration Company
National Convention FLOAT 2009 Design Competition
Won 1st place in the Freestyle Division

Idea for Competition Piece was inspired by Clients who are "going green"
The Polar Ice Caps were made of White 11inch balloons that had been Popped at an event the week before convention and reused.

Earth was on a Rotator to imitate Spinning on it's axis to give movement to the art piece.

And Little Balloon Artist are holding Pieces of reused balloons to inspire folks to Make new things out of the Old rather than throwing it away.

Joette Giardina, CBA Owner of Party People Celebration Company
Designed this Minature Fantasy piece
Butterfly Garden
Won 1st Place Minature design at National Convention FLOAT 2009

I look forward to creating custom art for your next celebration!

Halloween Ball

Magic of a Spider Web and Spider inside a balloon - looks like a Magic Balloon on top of
a Black Balloon mini column with skeleton hand accents

We installed Battery light Paper Lanterns from the bar Ceiling

We created a bit of a scary forest for the entrance.

Highland Park Fall Festival

Orange Scarecrow and Fall Balloon Cluster Make a wonderful Marker for the Entrance to the event
Helium Cluster of Fall Leaf Bubbles have extra color with Silk leaves on the ribbon

Florida Southern Day on Campus

To Add Color to the Gym we installed 3 balloon clusters to 50 tables and then created a Arch that everyone walked through as they entered lunch in the Wellness Center, and then also served as a backdrop for the speaker during the meal.

Let us know the needs for your celebration and we would be glad to create Helium centerpieces and Arches for your event!

Fall Festival Loose Balloon Delivery

Have you ever been put in charge of blowing up Helium balloons for an event, and by the time you completed the job you never wanted to see a Helium balloon again?

Most people do not have a large enough vehicle to transport Dozens of balloons from a party store, or by the time they do stuff them in the car - all the ribbons get tied up in knots and you end up with a mess.

Or if you rent a helium tank you have to find a dolly, lug a heavy tank - and by the end of the inflation you are worn out!

SO Let Party People Celebration Company take care of the Details!

Know for our Creative Balloon Decor - we also will deliver "loose" balloons to your celebration so you can send them to the ceiling - or attach to weights if needed.

Fundraiser - Lake Mirror

Lake Mirror Center, Lakeland Florida
The fundraiser Committee requested our help to add Elegance to the Space

3 ft Silver Stars on Organza Columns with Lights added glitz to the entrance

A Black "tent" was made over the food

And Helium Balloons were put around the Silent Auction Tables

Black and Gold Organza was centered over the seating area

Call us about the needs of your Celebration
Fabric Draping can be done in a variety of colors and designs to meet your needs.

Fabric is an Elegant Touch for Weddings, Fundraisers, Banquets and More!

Call 863-255-2025
or email details of your event to

FCA Banquet

Thanks to my long time client Regina - for your Referral to the FCA for this event held at Highland Park.

On one side of the stage we had a Football Player, and the other side a Cheerleader.

Let us know your team colors and we will make your favorite athletes for your Sports Event

Halloween decor Lake Ashton

Black Fabric added Color to the Space to "lower" the tall 16 ft ceilings.

Pumpkin Columns added color around the room

Jumbo Helium Bat balloons and 11 inch latex marked the Entrance and food Area

14 inch Air Filled Bats sat on mini Latex Towers to make a festive Centerpiece!

Let us know the date and location of your Halloween Bash
and we will make it SPOOKTACULAR!

HPN All Star Sports Awards

5 ft Garland Columns with 16 inch Cloud and wide ribbon to make arch over stage
for awards presentation.

R2 Polk County Business Expo!

To Add Color to the Expo
3 ft Lime balloons with colars accented the ceiling on either side of the sponsor banner

5 ft Garland Columns, with 3 ft Lime latex toppers towered a total of 8 ft
to Add color to the stage

Helium Clusters - top 16 inch, plus 11 inch balloons added color to the entrance of the expo
Fun Party Ball Accent at the base of the Helium Clusters adds extra color!

Let us know the Theme and colors for your next Expo, and we will color the space for you.

Balloon Arches, Columns, or clusters can be put together to match your Logo and theme.

Grand Opening Celebration

For hhgregg's Grand Opening Celebration we delivered Foil Star Clusters and Red Latex "loose" to be placed around the store by their staff.

No need to worry about renting a helium tank, cutting ribbon etc. Let Party People Celebration Company take the stress out of your Grand Opening -- we deliver the the Balloons to you without the headaches!
Call to place your order 863-255-2025

Pink Ribbon - Cancer Awareness

Dillard's requested a Large Ribbon to be part of their Display during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is a 6 ft display we can make in any size for your event. Display can last 2 - 4 weeks indoors without direct sunlight.