Thursday, September 20, 2012

Elegant wedding ceremony backdrop

Party People Celebration Company created this elegant backdrop for Dream wedding winner at The Lakeland Center, Lake Parker room Sept 2012
Uplighting cusomize your backdrop to any color you want for your wedding or special event.
White Backdrop without the uplights on. Call 863-255-2025 to have Party People Celebration company create custom backdrop or ceiling draping for your Wedding or special Celebration. Party People Celebration Company is based in Lakeland Florida, but travels throughout Central Florida to create custom decor for our clients. website

Cancer Pamper Event

Special 5th Year Celebration of Pamper Event Winter Haven Belk's
Free standing Column with Printed 18 inch foil topper to mark the runway for afternoon fashion show.
Balloons always create a celebratory atmosphere.
Call Party People Celebration company to create balloon decor in central Florida for your next event 863-255-205

Corporate 25th Anniversary Celebration

Pepperidge Farms Lakeland had us decorate their Break Room for 25th Celebration event. 7 inch gold 25 balloon create a long lasting centerpiece.
Air filled topiarys color the ceiling and can last up to a month in an airconditioned room.
Helium clusters continue the celebration.
Call Party People Celebration Company 863-255-2025 to have us decorate for your Celebration in Central Florida. Party People Celebration company is based in Lakeland Florida. visit our website Http://

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

You Rock Sweet 16

24 inch Silver Foamcore guitar was focus of the custom centerpiece for Sierra's Sweet 16 held at the Westin in North Orlando.
Helium Silver star balloons and latex brought color to the food table and entrance
Helium clusters in the Hall let guest know which door is the entrance.
A Mix of Foamcore Guitar Centerpieces and helium Silver stars add color to the room. Call 863-255-2025 or email to have Party People Celebration Company provide custom decorations for your event. Based in Lakeland FLorida we service Central Florida from Tampa Orlando.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Lakeland Yatch Club Mitzvah Sept 1, 2012

3ft blue balloon with curls and accents creates a colorful display for the Buffet table at Temple Emanual, Lakeland Florida
Helium balloons with curls are fun!
Blue, Lime and White balloons bring the celebration to life!
To have Party People Celebration Company create balloon decor for your celebration in Central Florida call 863-255-2025 email view more of work at

Florida Southern Labor Day Picnic September 2012

Party People Celebration Company installed balloon flowers to the 4 corners of the Tent and Centerpieces with curls to the tables.
Most people think of helium balloons when they hear the word balloon....But AIRFILLED balloon decor like what you see in these photos Last longer and are more durrable. Let us know the theme and color of your next celebration and we will create custom decor for you!
Curl centerpieces are FUN! For Balloon decor in Central Florida, call Lakeland Based Company Party People Celebration Company 863-255-2025 email We look forward to helping create a memorable celebration for you.

Polk County Gator Club August 2012

Gator Football and 8 latex helium balloons are arranged around Lake Mirror Auditorium.
To Order balloon decor for your celebration in Central Florida Call Party People Celebration Company 863-255-2025 Email

College Foil Balloon Decorations

Joette Giardina, Owner of Party People Celebration company was asked to design the room decor and oversee the installation of all balloon decor for the Ballooniversity Friday night celebration held at the University of Georgia Tate Center.
To mark the entrance to the Tate center 2 columns were installed outside the entrance
3 ft Star with Georgia Decal mini column under signs direct everyone to the 5th floor ballroom.
2 more columns attached to the staircase direct people to the Taste of Athens event.
3 ft Star Chandeliers with Georgia logo continue the theme of a night at the college campus.
Bonnie Fisher and I under the specialty arch that Bonnie and Jane Driscol designed celebration Burton and Burton's 30th Anniversary.
18 Columns with Taper and curve topper accents were installed.
40, 3 ft Silver stars with University of Georgia Logo in the middle were installed from the ceiling in the room and hall.
I enjoyed working with the Burton and Burton Staff, and my Balloon Pro friends, Lisa Talip, Bonnie Fisher, Jane Driscoll and Su Lawick to complete the room decor.
Centerpieces design by Peggy Williams, Burton and Burton Director of Education, and created by Ballooinversity instructors for the Taste of Athens event.
Party People Celebration Company will be glad to recreate any of these designs for your next celebration. Balloons come in a variety of colors to match your school, corporate or themed event. Call 863-255-2025 email Our Website is