Friday, June 11, 2010

Fruit of the Spirit

St. Paul Lutheran requested a long lasting display for their entrance for their Fruit of the Spirit series. Lime Organza added color to the area accented with Giant Grapes, Oranges and Pineapple.


3 ft orange

Purple Grapes

Green Grapes

FFA Training Center Wedding Canopy

This June Bride requested a silver organza canopy with white lights over the dance floor. We have a special system that allows us to attach items to drop ceilings without causing any damage. Let us know your venue, size of area you wish to cover and colors and we can give you a quote on a custom canopy for your Wedding or special celebration.

Full room view of Paper Lanterns plus Organza and white light canopy over dance floor

Bride had Blue and Silver Lanterns she wanted hung from the ceiling over the guest tables. We can furnish Lanterns of any size or you can provide your own for custom displays.

Large Scale Logo for Product Launch

A local Coke-a-Cola plant requested we make two Golden Arches to be used for a 3 day lunch event to promote a new product they are making for McDonald's. They wanted Red to be incorporated to represent Coke-a-Cola, so we put red organza at the base of the Arches and Red Swirls throughout. Let us know the LOGO or Theme for you celebration and we will create Grand scale decor that can be used for one day or up to a month!

A local Coke-a-Cola plant requested we make two Golden Arches to be used for a 3 day lunch event to promote a new product they are making for McDonald's. They wanted Red to be incorporated to represent Coke-a-Cola, so we put red organza at the base of the Arches and Red Swirls throughout. Let us know the LOGO or Theme for you celebration and we will create Grand scale decor that can be used for one day or for a Month.

Golden Arches Logo without swirls.

Company Picinic

6 ft tall Flower Columns create a festive Entrance to this company picnic. Flowers are available in a rainbow of colors and styles. Give us a call to arrange for special decor for your next event.

For this company picnic our Client made their own Daisy Centerpieces and we provided the Plastic Checked Table Clothes and Large Yellow Flower balloons at the 4 corners of the tent and at the Entrance for Color

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Luau Themed Balloons

Hibiscus topped Balloon topiary's were used at the entrance and around the room

These balloons are great for Luaus!

Backdrop was painted by George Jenkins High School students for this dance held at Highland Park Nazarene Family Ministries building.

Balloon topiary's with Hibiscus Bubble balloon toppers were used around the room for extra color for this tropical celebration

5th Grade Banquet

Organza Canopy with 3 ft Silver Star in the middle - Pictures were taken after the event was over. Canopy created to bring extra color to Lakeland Christian Schools 5th Grade banquet.

Fabric can be ordered in a variety of colors and styles to accent your special event.

Custom Blue and Black Canopy rigged for the ceiling to not block the lighting or projector for the the presentation.

Awards Banquet

We enjoy working with the Band Parents for Lakeland Highschool Band each year.
Creating 2, 6 ft Orange Anchors and 40 inch tall Silver Balloon Banner LHS BAND make a great backdrop for the awards ceremony and a fun Photo spot after the banquet is over.

Let us know What you would like Spelled out in a Balloon Banner - Letters available in Gold and Silver. Numbers are offered in more color options. We will create logos or colorful columns to add fun to any stage!

Candy Table Name Arch

For this Under the Stars themed Bat Mitzvah, friends of the family had us create a name arch for the guest of honor over the Candy table, accented with an arch of Stars.

Let us know the theme of your Bar/Bat Mitvah and we can offer decor for the entire event, or just a special area.

Lake Gibson Prom 2010

Party People Celebration Company was Delighted to once again provide the theme Decor for Lake Gibson's prom held at the Marriott World Resort in Tampa. Party People Celebration Company will travel throughout Florida for your event, (we will travel outside of the state if you wish to pay for our travel expenses)

For Lake Gibson we provide full service Decor. We attend meetings with the Prom Committee after a theme is selected and listen to their request and provide the decor to meet their theme. We bring in a full team of designers and transform the space.

Another option for prom committee's who wish to stretch their Prom (and Homecoming) Dollars is we will bring in just one or two designers, our equipment and supplies and serve as a Crew Leader to work with a group of Parent and Student Volunteers to create your decor. Just call Joette 863-255-2025 or email to reserve your event date on our Calendar and we will be glad to meet with you to discuss your needs and budget.

In the hall we wanted to give students a taste of what awaited them inside, with Chinese Parasols and a Cherry Blossom Column to give a touch of China in the Spring.

Students entered Prom through a Chinese Garden Pagoda accented with Pink tissue flowers.

Dance Floor Lantern Display was on either side of the DJ to add Color and continue the theme around the Dance floor.

Two Cherry Blossom Trees were created for the backside of the dance floor to continue with the China in Spring Theme decor.

Custom Lantern centerpieces with Battery powered lighting.

Fan Centerpieces accented with carry out boxes, fortune cookies and chop sticks.

The Black Taffeta and Chinese print Gossamer served as part of the Photographer's backdrop with the colorful accents of the parasols. We will create custom Backdrops for your photo areas based on your theme and colors. Photographer then put his White Screen behind our accents (not in picture) to complete the area.

Chinese Dragon was displayed behind the DJ, with Lanterns displayed on either side of DJ area around the dance floor. Facility would not allow us to rig Lanterns from the ceiling so we made a custom support with a collection of lanterns and accented with hot pink organza.

WE LOVE CREATING THEMED SPACES Let us know about your celebration and we will be glad to customize a package just for you! email Joette at

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Girls Inc She Know's where she is going event 2010

Red Organza over the Stage adds color and a Focal Point for this wonderful Annual Event at the Lakeland Center

16 inch Red balloons with white collar adds color throughout the room.

Mayfair, Lakeland Florida 2010

Each year we have the honor of creating a Fun Balloon Arch for the Weekends festivities at the Lakeland Mayfair. This years posters had Palm Trees so we created a FUN Arch with 2 Palm trees and Hibiscus Balloons to add Color behind the performers. These balloons are great for your Indoor or Outdoor Luau give us a call and we will be glad to create the right decor for your celebration.

20 inch Hibiscus Balloons are GREAT for Indoor or Outdoor Luau and tropical themed events - bright colors and special type of balloon does not Oxidize!

Bright Pastel Balloon Rainbow Mark the entrance to the Polk County Museum of Art during the Mayfair.

Foil Turtle Shape and other Sealife Shapes line the Stage to add fun and color to the VIP reception.

Balloon Octopus is a FUN design for any under the water themed event.

Sealife Centerpiece accent the tables at the Mayfair VIP event at the Magnolia Building

Helium Balloons Color the Air

Ballroom Before Balloons!

Even in a beautiful setting like Eaglebrook country Clubs Balloons add that Wonderful Burst of Color around the room!

Let us know the Theme for your celebration and we will create a design to meet your needs.

Stanford Inn Bridal Expo Bartow Florida 2010

Balloons and Bows are a great way to add color and movement to outdoor signs to let people know where you event is!

Did you visit our booth at the Stanford Inn Bridal Expo in Bartow? We specialize in Fabric and Balloon decor for any celebration!

Pool Floats out of Filagree Bubble balloons and Magenta inside. Pool floats come in a variety of Colors, themes and Sizes

The Standford Inn is a great spot for a small outdoor wedding at the Gazebo. If you wish we can add Tulle or Organza around the Gazebo for extra color.

Relay for Life - Lakeland FL

Using a Logo Printed from Relay for Life we created a custom Cake Topper for this GIANT Birthday Cake. Let us know the theme for your event and we will create a custom cake topper for you

Polk County Relay for Life hired us to Create a large Arch over the Track to last for the 2 day event.

The fun of Putting up an Arch over a Track while Vehicles are driving Under it!

Fun columns on the Stage give color and movement for this 2 day event.

Under The Sea Spring Voyage Valleyview 2010 Photo Backdrop

Under the Sea Photo backdrop drawn by Ms Miller and her 4th grade students, was then accented with Water fabric and Balloons from Party People Celebration company.
Under the water Themes are great for Birthdays, Banquets and more!

Balloon Octopus was a hit - all the teachers and students were asking who made it! Party People Celebration Company is here to create custom decor for your celebration or special event that will make everyone say WOW!

7 ft water column with Fish Bubble topper caught the attention of students to show where the Photo's were being taken.

Rhinestone Roundup ABWA 2010 Fundraiser

Party People Celebration Company will create Custom decor for your celebration using various media including Fabric, Foam Core shapes, glasswares, Balloons and Theme items based on your needs and theme.

Party Poeple Celebration Company Created Pink Bandana swags and installed around the Barn for the Auction and Dance. Let us know your Theme and we will create custom ceiling decor for your Celebration!

Table Centerpieces and Stage at Rhinestone Roundup

Silver Boot Centerpieces

Pink Bandanas add color to the plants around the stage

Stage Decor - 5 ft Sculpted Garland Columns with Horse Foil Toppers