Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Homecoming 2009 Lake Gibson High

Pictures don't even to start to show the effect of having Swags of the balloons from the ceiling - with 3 ft Silver star in the middle - and 20 inch stars around the ceiling.

The Stage Swags gave a backdrop for the Homecoming court as they went on stage.

Jumbo Foil Clappers on Silver Film Strip Columns add color to the Entrance Hallways.

20 inch Gold and Silver Stars hung from the ceiling to add glitz to the Entrance

We had this custom 4 ft Star with LHGS 09-10 made for the photo backdrop and added Gold and Black Organza for a elegant addition to the evening.

Let us know your theme and vision for your celebration and we will take care of the rest!
Discounts available to schools and Non Profit Organizations when they provide Good Volunteers to assist with Assembly when needed.

Or let us take care of EVERYTHING...so you have no worries!

Stampede to Success!

Put on your Cowboy hat and Bandanna to enjoy this Stampede to Success~
Entrance arch sets the tone as attendees enter the room, and serves as a photo drop as they receive their awards!
Cowboy Centerpiece custom made by Party People Celebration Company
Call us at 863-255-2025 to let us know how we can help you for your next celebration.

Cowboy Boot Vases serve as centerpieces for the head table with Bandana accents. These Items can be Rented or Purchased for your next Wild Wild West Celebration!

Jumbo Foil Boots and latex balloons add color throughout the room. Many different western foils are available. We look forward to creating a festive environment for your next Celebration!

Two Men and a Truck Sponsor October Chamber Business Afer Hours

Add Color to your event around the pool - by putting the decorations in the pool! Helium balloons on a string can get easily tangled during an outdoor event -- so let us create custom pool floats and other decor that will be long lasting for your next celebration!

Close up of Two Men and a Truck Logo balloon as Center of custom Pool Floats

8th Birthday Column of Cheer

Custom Columns of Cheer can be made for any occasion. We can Personalize with the persons Name, Age or Special sentiment. This arrangement does not have helium and will last for several days letting the day of cheer last for a week or more!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Festival - Ministry Fair

Over 250 feet of balloons create a wonderful fall swags over the Ministry Fair!
With 3 ft Burgundy leaf print balloon in the center.

These pictures only touch on how wonderful they looked in the space, we were getting compliments as we installed the decor, and as we took it down! Thanks to all the teens who helped pop the balloons at the end of the event!
4, swags of linking balloons Create a wonderful burst of color underneath the pavilion for lunch.

These 20 inch Leave Print Balloons are Bold and Beautiful! Perfect for any Fall Celebration in October or November. Seen above filled with helium will last 1 -2 weeks, and then can be "refilled" with helium to last even longer! Can be filled with Air and attached to a column or hung from a ceiling to last for a longer period of time (I have one in stock filled with air from a year ago!)

Lake Whales Homecoming at Fantasy of Flight

These pictures are a little dark - as set up was complete at 8 pm, and the lights were dim in the venue. Fantasy of Flight has a HUGE hanger with lots of room to serve as a large dance floor for your Homecoming, Prom or Corporate Function!
Giant Hibiscus Foil with 4 latex arranged on weight.

20 inch Hibiscus print Bubble Balloon with 4 latex.
Don't worry with renting and trying to Lug around a helium tank, call us for a quote to take care of all the Balloon Details and decor for your next celebration!

Marlee's Birthday Party

Column of Cheer with Birthday Topper looked great for the Cake Table - can you tell that Marlee has had this column for 1 week already? The great thing about Nitrogen Filled balloons on stands is they can last for 1 week - 2 weeks, rather than the standard helium latex balloons that last for 8 - 12 hours.

7th Birthday

40 inch Tall Foil #7 makes this jumbo balloon bouquet made special for the Birthday Boy.

Customer Service Luncheon

2 columns like above marked the lunch area. 4 ft of Latex with a 3 ft silver star - total 7 ft tall.
Let us know your colors and theme and we will create custom Columns for your next event

9 inch Foil Silver stars with foil picks make long lasting arrangements that can be used several times - or given away as keepsakes from your celebration.

Highland Park Leadership Summit!

Mr. Smiles the construction worker greets the volunteers as they arrive for dinner.
Stage Decor Created for the BUILD theme, Screwdriver and Hammer decor along with construction props all installed by Party People Celebration Company.
Logo placed on stand with Tool's to let each table catch the theme for the evenings training.
Caution Tape and tools added to the BUILD Logo for Themed Centerpieces
Let us know your THEME and we will create custom decor to Enhance your next Event.

Marlee's 10th Birthday!

Hard to believe that my daughter just turned 10! She LOVES to shop! So I made her this special column of Cheer (that will last for over a week) to keep in her room with a Birthday foil on top.

Columns of Cheer can be made in a variety of colors and styles to say Thinking of You, Congratulations, Get Well, Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary etc.

Birthday Delivery

For Mrs. Warren's Birthday we brightened her day with a 35 inch tall Smiley B-day foil and
4, 15 inch Bubble balloons - that will last for over a week!

18 inch foil and 2 bubble balloons were in a second arrangement as a delivery from friends.

Kayla's Hollywood Quince

Kayla's Friends and Family knew they were at the right spot when they saw the Red Carpet and Stations out front to Set the stage for Kayla's Hollywood Quince. When you are planning your celebration let us know about all the decor that you need, and we can help arrange delivery of rental items in addition to our custom decor.
Clapper made for Kayla's Quince
Our Team enjoyed enhancing Kayla's Celebration by Providing a Dance Floor Canopy (supported by fabric covered columns), balloon Clapper and centerpieces for the Quince held on the HCC campus in Plant City in the Trinkle Building.
Our team created 50 centerpieces for Kayla's Quince, in 4 different styles. This is the low Clapper version.
Kayla's Giant clapper out of balloons shown to the right of her Elegant Lighted columns provided by a local rental company.
20 inch acrylic stand with 15th on top to accent Kayla's Special Day
In the background a Film Reel Centerpiece

Day on Campus

During our set up the lights went out in the Gym for a little bit - sorry for the dark photo.
Two 5 ft Latex Columns serve as the base for this String of Pearls Arch. In the background 3, 11 inch latex balloons arranged on weights add color to the tables throughout the room.

We enjoy working with long time clients like Florida Southern College - you will see a lot of red and white balloons on our website that we have inflated for them over the years.

When planning your next celebration there is no need to waste your time renting a helium tank, running around town to find balloons, cut ribbon etc. Let the Pro's at Party People Celebration Company take care of your decor needs - so you can enjoy the event!

Florida Southern Family Day

40 inch tall Silver Letters greet visitors for FAMILY DAY at Florida Southern's Wellness Center
Arch is Anchored by Organza covered Columns.

3 ft Foil Stars in Red and White add Color the Large Wellness Center at Florida Southern. If you have a Large Space to Fill - give us a call so we can create custom decor with Balloons that color the air!

Polk Museum of Art Family Day

3 ft Earth Balloon on top of 5 ft Column on outdoor support system greets visitors to Family Day 2009 at the Polk Museum of Art. Let us know the theme for your event and we will create custom decor to enhance your event!
3 ft Helium Filled World Balloons float on either side of the stage to remind the Family Day Visitors of the Earth Friendly "go green" theme for the event as they watch the shows throughout the day.
11 inch World Balloons form an Arch with Signs attached to our columns to direct visitors to the Outdoor Recycled Sculpture.
Flower Column was made as a Sign holder to show the schedule of events for the Theater. Let us know what your sign needs are for you event and we will create custom stands to meet your theme!

11 inch latex balloons attached to the Recycle Can draw attention to the information signs on recycling.