Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Neon Dancefloor, AR Rewards Dance Union Academy

Fun Neon Balloon Dance Canopy created for Union Academy Middle School AR awards dance. 3 ft clear balloon with Neon squiggles serves as center of the Dance Canopy. 2 columns mark entrance of the dance. Helium clusters and Double Bubble Balloons create color for the stage, and serve as awards for the top AR point earners after the dance. Columns for the entrance Call 863-255-2025 to order balloons for your celebration.

Roadside Flower Topiary

These flower balloons were placed along the roadside to promote a fundraiser for HPN Missions trip. The mix of balloons on a post that does not move in the wind and ribbon that moves in the ribbon brings attention to any event. Topiary can be made in solid colors, flowers or other paterns. Call 863-255-2025 to order your balloons in Central Florida.

Graduation Party, Lakeland Yatch Club

Table top Graduate made in school colors for this celebration! Helium clusters around the room brings color and creates a special celebration for this All Saints Graduate. Fun Graduate foil and latex combine to make this helium cluster. Top clear Graduate balloon will last for weeks! Call 863-255-2025 to order your graduation decorations.

Girls Inc. 2012 The Lakeland Center

2 Flower Columns mark the Entrance into the Exhibit Hall at the Lakeland Center. This year for the Girls Inc event the committee chose to have Floral design and bright colors in the room. Party People Celebration company created this Flower arch for the stage. Helium balloons fill the air with color aroudn the room. Call 863-255-2025 to order decor for your next special event~

Retirement Party, Union Academy

Guest always enjoy walking thru a balloon arch! Purple and yellow link arch available in a variety of colors! Call Party People Celebration Company 863-255-2025 to order decor for your celebration in Central Florida!