Saturday, January 17, 2009

Balloon Fashion Show--Orlando

Face Painting Body Art Convention held in January 2009

(From left to right)
Melissa Gjergji-Balloon Designer of the Year
Joette Giardina-The Juggernaut
Jan Iiams-Betallic Education Director

Joette's first balloon dress.
After working with Melissa on her designs in China, it was fun to put my own design together.

Pictures from my first official balloon decorating teaching experience.

I had a great time assisting with people learning the basics about balloon decor.

Thanks cityart for providing the pictures for this blog.
You may visit them at
They are located in the Orlando area.

Hotel and stage decor made by Joette, her family, Shonna and Justin.

Shonna assisted with the inflation and installation of the castle.

Justin assisted with the flowers within the columns.

Thanks to my husband, Brian, and daughter, Marlee, for their continued hard work and dedication to my company.


  1. Joette your work is awesome. I love seeing all the creative!

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