Friday, November 27, 2009

Fall Festival Loose Balloon Delivery

Have you ever been put in charge of blowing up Helium balloons for an event, and by the time you completed the job you never wanted to see a Helium balloon again?

Most people do not have a large enough vehicle to transport Dozens of balloons from a party store, or by the time they do stuff them in the car - all the ribbons get tied up in knots and you end up with a mess.

Or if you rent a helium tank you have to find a dolly, lug a heavy tank - and by the end of the inflation you are worn out!

SO Let Party People Celebration Company take care of the Details!

Know for our Creative Balloon Decor - we also will deliver "loose" balloons to your celebration so you can send them to the ceiling - or attach to weights if needed.

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