Saturday, December 19, 2009

Political Red, White and Blue

8 ft Garland Columns with 3 ft Red Foil Star on Top
Let guest know where the entrance was for this Political Event.

As Guest Entered the Building
10 ft Sculpted Columns Framed the Registration Table

Thin Link columns with 3 ft Foil stars are a upgraded alternative
from Balloons on Ribbon to Mark the Way to the Room for the event.

If you wish 3 ft Toppers can have Directional Arrows or Logo's on them when needed.

20 inch Foil Stars were hung from the ceiling to carry the Red, White and Blue theme
throughout the event. Attaching Balloons to the ceiling is a great way to create color in a space.

Another Thin Link Column with 3 ft Star showed guest to the Bar.

20 inch Stars from the ceiling in a pattern gave a little extra color to keep the theme going in a smaller space.

Call 863-255-2025 to reserve the date for your Political or Patriotic Event.
We create the Decor custom for your event to fit your space and budget!

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