Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lakeland Chamber Annual Meeting 2010

Party People Celebration Company was Delighted to Win the Bid for this Years Chamber Annual Dinner.

The theme We are the Arts was a celebration of the Local Lakeland Art's programs.

As the Event Coordinator, Joette met with the Chamber Staff, TMR agency, The Lakeland Center Staff and representatives from the 7 Arts Programs being recognized to create a delightful Art's Experience - rather than just another Awards dinner.

Our Camera was not able to capture all the details of the evening - but I hope this will show you a little taste of an Event that I continue to hear Rave Reviews about.

If you are Planning a Corporate Meeting, Awards Banquet, Employee Appreciation, Holiday Party etc, Please give us a call and let us know how we can be of service to you. We can help you create a Theme concept and then coordinate all the components. Or we can bring in the Decor. Let us know what level of service you desire, we are here to Set the Tone for your Special Event.

It was a pleasure to work with Several Local Lakeland Companies to Create this wonderful evening. TMR created the Logo's and all the Printed Materials - Invitations, program table cards etc. The ENTIRE Lakeland Center Staff were a DELIGHT to work with from Facilities, Tech Team, and Jennifer our Coordinator. The new Ovations Catering prepared a wonderful meal.

Our Team installed Black Chair covers and Gold Satin Sashes to all 960 chairs to set an Elegant Tone throughout the Room.

To highlight the Arts theme and Arts Agencies from Lakeland, the Centerpiece was Gold satin in the middle of the table with 3 minature Art Easels - that then displayed artwork, photos and playbills from the agencies.

Let us know the Theme for your Celebration or Awards Banquet and we will be glad to Provide you the Atmosphere that you desire to make a Memorable Event.

Will Call Table adorned with Gold Taffeta Accents.

Our Team used 100 yards of Gold Taffeta to create Elegant Effects against the Black Pipe and Drape around the Art Displays and to frame the Stage.

Thanks to all the Lakeland Art Groups that were a part of the evenings celebration.
This Wonderful Water Color was brought in by the Polk Museum of Art - Take time to go see their amazing pieces of art in person!

TMR agency was the creative team who developed all the printed materials and Logo for the Chamber Event. Joette, Owner of Party People had one of their logos made into a Gobo to Bring life to the North and South Walls of the Cocktail area above the Artwork.

The West end of the Exhibit Hall was transformed into an upscale Art Gallery with wonderful lighting installed by the Tech Team at the Lakeland Center.

We were delighted to win the bid for the Lakeland Chamber Annual Meeting 2010. We had the opportunity to showcase our Event Coordinating skills - and decor without the use of Balloons! Believe it or not -- we can decorate an event without balloons - when that is what our client request! Or we can do a tasteful combination of Non Balloon and Balloon decor based on your needs.

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