Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mayfair, Lakeland Florida 2010

Each year we have the honor of creating a Fun Balloon Arch for the Weekends festivities at the Lakeland Mayfair. This years posters had Palm Trees so we created a FUN Arch with 2 Palm trees and Hibiscus Balloons to add Color behind the performers. These balloons are great for your Indoor or Outdoor Luau give us a call and we will be glad to create the right decor for your celebration.

20 inch Hibiscus Balloons are GREAT for Indoor or Outdoor Luau and tropical themed events - bright colors and special type of balloon does not Oxidize!

Bright Pastel Balloon Rainbow Mark the entrance to the Polk County Museum of Art during the Mayfair.

Foil Turtle Shape and other Sealife Shapes line the Stage to add fun and color to the VIP reception.

Balloon Octopus is a FUN design for any under the water themed event.

Sealife Centerpiece accent the tables at the Mayfair VIP event at the Magnolia Building

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