Sunday, August 15, 2010

Family Worship Center 25th Anniversary Celebration

The Best Reward that I get from owning my own business is a Satisfied Customer. Most recently I had the pleasure of working with Kristy Webb at Family Worship Center in Lakeland. Enjoy the photos and the email I received from her after the event.

Joette and Party People Celebration Company made Family Worship Center’s 25th anniversary a day to remember. With their help, a great celebratory atmosphere was created. Each of the four entries to the church were decorated along with the platform. It’s amazing how many different things Joette can do with balloons. Her state-of-the-art equipment along with her knowledge and creativity will save anyone planning an event unnecessary stress. In this case, we found that hiring a professional actually saved money because materials were not wasted. Her planning and follow-through were impeccable, and her positive can-do attitude under time constraints spoke volumes to me. The people who attended our event were in awe of the beauty and “fun” created by Joette and her people. I look forward to using her again for events large and small, and I recommend that you save yourself the stress and do so as well.

Kristy Webb

Director of Visitor Relations

Family Worship Center

Custom Glitter Number Sculpture serves as the Focal Point for the Celebration!

Stage Decor included custom 5 1/2 ft tall Glittered 25 with Balloon curves, arches and columns Blue Uplighting makes the balloons have a special glow

5 ft tall Garland columns, with 40 inch tall Silver 25 Plus the fun accents of 260's reflect the wonderful blue up lighting!

East Entrance Linking Arch with mini clusters add fun and color as Members enter the church.

Five foot tall 25 balloon sculpture for Main Lobby

Foil Star Custom imprinted with Church Anniversary Logo - Let us know your Custom imprint needs - can work with a minimum order of 25 balloons, and have printed within one week.

Mini 7 inch foil balloons make a great 25th Centerpiece for the Coffee Tables throughout the lobby. Numbers available in Silver and Gold Great for Sweet 16, Anniversaries and Birthday's!

West Entrance Topiary Balls and Linking Arch to set the tone as Church Members enter the building.

Fun Topiary Balls with Curls and Curl Balloons around the Entrance Desk for the Children's Area let them know a special day is being Celebrated!

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