Saturday, April 9, 2011

Winter Haven Worship Center 20th Anniversary

Topiary Balls Create color throughout the hallways as members walk into church for this 20 year celebration.

Tall helium clusters add color to either side of the screens.

Full Stage decor with 10 ft tall garland columns with 260 flares out the top to add to this special celebration.

7 ft tall garland packed numbers 20 set the center of the stage. These gold balloons changed color tones based on the lighting as it changed.

mini 20 balloons were used to create custom centerpieces.

2 5 ft garland columns with 40 inch tall gold # 20 topper on each at the entrance to the sanctuary.

2 String of Pearls arches and Sculpted Garland Arch create a "tunnel" effect as you enter the sanctuary.

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