Sunday, October 16, 2011

Balloon Arch Gaylord Palms Convention Center

We were hired by an out of state company to create a Garland Pack Balloon Arch for their Booth. The original plan was for the arch to be attached to the top of the 8 ft curtain and go high over the booth. However as we installed the arch the directors of the particular expo stated they had an 8 ft rule....and nothing was to be taller than the Curtain.

We love creating fun decor for our clients. If you are participating in an expo - make sure you talk to the Directors of the Expo to find out what their restrictions are and we will create eye catching decor for you

Call 863-255-2025 or email to order your custom decor.

Expo Booth BEFORE balloons!!! Balloons add the color and wow you need to draw people to your booth!

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