Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Headdress Ball 2012

Twisted Headdress Ball 2012 in Orlando. Headdress designed by Michael Taylor of Orlando Party Store was hired to design the headdress. I had the pleasure of working with Michael as his assistant for the project. The Theme was The Wizard of Oz...so the headdress included Tornado, House, Yellow brick road, rainbow, Blue Flying Monkeys and a pair of red shoes!
This is the Ice sculpture in the Bar at the Fundraiser in Orlando.
Mike testing the Headdress outside, as it was too tall to wear inside the store without hitting the ceiling! We worked overnight Friday night till 5 in the morning on the base design, then finished it on Saturday before the ball at the venue.
The house going up on top of the Tornado. contact Party People Celebration Company 863-255-2025 email partypeoplecc@msn.com to find out how we can create a custome costume or headdress for you.

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