Monday, December 8, 2014

Lakeland Christmas Parade 2014...Best Pro FLOAT!

Party People Celebration company was honored that Allen & Company would request our services again to help decorate their Professional Float for the Lakeland Parade. We are Proud to announce they won Best Pro Float from the Judges! Johnathon, Joette and Marlee worked together to add Fabric accents, Adorable Elf Balloons and 5 ft wide Balloon Poinsettas in the Company's colors Silver and Lime. Due to the lighting the photos are a little blur but it gives you the idea.
Parade float before decor!
5 ft wide Poinsetta in Logo colors
These elves bring so much personality and fun to the Float!
to have party People Celebration company create custom decor for yuour Parade float fill out the contact form on

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