Monday, September 28, 2009

March of Dimes 19th Annual Chef's Auction

March of Dimes is All about the Babies - so we turned the Lakeland Center into one big Baby Themed event!

The Baby Boy and Baby Girl Sat on Top of 5 ft tall columns holding and Arch of Balloons for guest to walk under as they entered the room.

10 ft Tall Towers with a 4 ft Wide Base added color to each side of the Large Screen at the Lakeland Center.

I really enjoy serving on the planning Committee for the March of Dimes Chef's Auction and working with the great team of volunteers that come out every year.

The fun part is when I started working with the volunteers 5 years ago - they were so excited to see my High Speed Inflator and Balloon Tying device. After 14 years of inflating balloons "the old fashion way" We now can get 100 plus centerpieces done in a short amount of time.

If your non profit organization is in need of special decor for your event - we do offer discounts for our decor to non profit organizations.

24 inch Jumbo Latex balloons with mini collar accents filled the Air with color.

THANKS to all the volunteers, sponsors and individuals that supported this years event!

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