Sunday, October 11, 2009

Polk Museum of Art Family Day

3 ft Earth Balloon on top of 5 ft Column on outdoor support system greets visitors to Family Day 2009 at the Polk Museum of Art. Let us know the theme for your event and we will create custom decor to enhance your event!
3 ft Helium Filled World Balloons float on either side of the stage to remind the Family Day Visitors of the Earth Friendly "go green" theme for the event as they watch the shows throughout the day.
11 inch World Balloons form an Arch with Signs attached to our columns to direct visitors to the Outdoor Recycled Sculpture.
Flower Column was made as a Sign holder to show the schedule of events for the Theater. Let us know what your sign needs are for you event and we will create custom stands to meet your theme!

11 inch latex balloons attached to the Recycle Can draw attention to the information signs on recycling.

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