Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Festival - Ministry Fair

Over 250 feet of balloons create a wonderful fall swags over the Ministry Fair!
With 3 ft Burgundy leaf print balloon in the center.

These pictures only touch on how wonderful they looked in the space, we were getting compliments as we installed the decor, and as we took it down! Thanks to all the teens who helped pop the balloons at the end of the event!
4, swags of linking balloons Create a wonderful burst of color underneath the pavilion for lunch.

These 20 inch Leave Print Balloons are Bold and Beautiful! Perfect for any Fall Celebration in October or November. Seen above filled with helium will last 1 -2 weeks, and then can be "refilled" with helium to last even longer! Can be filled with Air and attached to a column or hung from a ceiling to last for a longer period of time (I have one in stock filled with air from a year ago!)

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