Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Eve 2010 - Welcome 2011!

Cheers wishing you a wonderful 2011!
When Planning your New Years Eve Event it is never to early to book us for your Celebration!

Red Rose Inn and Suites Ballroom Gold and Silver Balloon Drops custom made to fit between multiple lighting over the dance floor.
Helium balloon clusters around the room have special ribbon lighting that adds sparkle in the dim lighting of the party.

Sculpted Boa Columns with Jumbo Happy New Year Balloon toppers create a colorful entrance to the Red Rose Inn and Suites Dinning Room New Years Eve Celebration!

Purple and Blue Latex balloons with special ribbon lights twinkled throughout the night around the bar at the Red Rose in and Suites.

These light up balloons add a wonderful sparkle to any celebration!

2, 20 ft long Black and White Balloon drops were custom cut to fit the area around the dance floor and chandeliers at the Lakeland Yatch Club for this special New Years Eve Wedding!

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