Sunday, January 2, 2011

Teaching at FLOAT the Convention November 2010

In November 2010 I had a wonderful time teaching at FLOAT the convention. It was fun to share my ideas and tips, and take classes from the top instructors in the industry! Thanks to the FLOAT producers, my sponsor and great folks at the Convention for making it a wonderful experience!

Teaching Diversification for offering non balloon items in addition to balloons for our clients

One of my Classes at FLOAT - I really enjoy teaching and sharing tips on Marketing, networking and diversification that help Party People Celebration Company Continue to Grow!

Diversify or Die was my 2nd class offering at FLOAT - I shared how using centerpieces made from Foam shapes, feather, Gel filled vases with lighting and fabric draping have helped me increase sales by meeting the needs and wants of my clients.

Lia from Brazil sharing her hugs in the vendor room.

Designer Awards night with my friend Garlis who traveled from Mexico to attend FLOAT.

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