Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jungle Prom for Karen Seigal Academy

Stage was accented with Foil Palm Tree, Monkey and then a beautiful Tropical bird foil grouping next to the stage.

Karen Seigal Academy has students with Latex allergies so the school requested for this to be a latex free event. With the new Plastic balloons that look very similar to latex balloons you can have bright fun color without latex issues.

Let us know if your event has special considerations and we will create custom decor for you.

Parrot and Palm tree foil top off the non latex balloons to add color throughout the room.

Monkey Foil adds to the wonderful Jungle decor created by the staff at the academy.

Zebra Balloons highlight the food table!

One of the Teachers at the school is an amazing artist and drew the Animals for the bulliten boards to make the students feel like they were in the Jungle.

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