Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mayfair Saturday Night 40th Birthday Celebration, Magnolia Building Lakeland FL

To mark the 40th year birthday of the Mayfair we made a 40 Arch and created color with Butterfly bubble balloons and lime accents to to with a feel of butterflys landing in a garden.

Tall Butterfly Heliumm balloon clusters add color and fun throughout the Magnolia building.

Butterfly printed bubble balloons add color to the stage for the VIP reception.

Deluxe Giant Butterfly with 5 latex add color as table centerpieces around the Magnolia Building to continue the 40th Birthday Party Celebration!

This is my wonderful family, my husband Brian is a teacher, and Marlee they are very supportive and great at helping with my business many Saturdays! As a nice family night after Decorating for the VIP party - since Party People Celebration Company was a sponsor we got to hang out and enjoy the festivities.

It was great after a busy day to enjoy a family night at the VIP Artist Reception at the Magnolia Building overlooking the Band and festivities at Lake Mirror. As we relaxed out on the balcony I saw my friend Johnathon from Twisted Artz Creating Fun Balloon hats. website:

Johnathon owner of Twsited Artz Created a Fun Flamingo hat for my Daughter Marlee.

It was fun to watch Denzil from Twisted Artz create fun hats and wearables for the attendess at the Mayfair Party.

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