Saturday, January 7, 2012

Have you seen us traveling the roads of Polk County?

With a New Year comes a New Trailer to show off the Logo we have had for about 4 years now. Love that the new trailer lets people see a sample of our work as we are driving to event! A moving Billboard is wonderful!

If you see the good old Pink Flamingo Party People Celebration Company trailer around town, but don't recognize the guy driving the vehicle pulling it -- it's Scott or one of his staff with Premier Party Rentals! They were in need of an additional trailer so was happy to sell it to him!

The back of the trailer is now a Ramp door! Makes loading and unloading helium tanks much easier and safer than lifting them!

Passenger side of the trailer shows off our Organza Canopies, Balloon Arch and the Organza tent decor and glass vase custom centerpieces we create.

The "escape door" on the front of trailer is very handy and shows off a balloon canopy dance floor.

Driver side of the Trailer V nose shows a Zebra 3ft balloon fun column that has been a very popular design.

Then our fun Retro Centerpiece, flower power optic light centerpiece and Fun Flower Balloon decor with Elegant Lime Fabric backdrop!

Thanks to my wonderful friends at TAGS PLUS in Lakeland Florida for turning my White Trailer into a awesome marketing tool!

If you are in need of event decor call 863-255-2025 or email

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