Monday, August 15, 2011

Memories from China October 2008!

I was very blessed to be a part of an international team of Balloon Designers who went to Shanghai China in October 2008 to Create the AEMi Balloon Fashion show. The show was coordinated by Guido from the Netherlands, and it was an amazing experience.

I designed this butterfly to fly in the Park by the Fashion show.

Melissa and I working backstage preparing for the Fashion show to start.

Elaine was a wonderful local balloon artist who helped out with decor and I enjoyed learning a little about the local balloon industry from her.

No Tour could be complete without seeing the local party shop!

Thanks to our new local friends we did not have to take a Taxi to the train for the airport - we got our own personal tour of the area and a wonderful lunch before take off! Thank you Chris for being a wonderful host!

Thanks Elaine for sending me these photos! When I returned from China my camera card got fried and I lost all my photos! Melissa also shared her photos of the trip too - will work on posting them too.

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