Saturday, August 13, 2011

Under the sea theme United Methodist Church, Lakeland FL

I was very happy when asked to design a second theme this summer for the Vacation Bible school program. The staff and volunteers at United Methodist are a pleasure to work with. Our balloon decor accented the wonderful decor created by the staff. Balloon fish, octopus, sea weed, water, bubbles all seemed to bring the decorations to life!

octopus, fish and bubbles accent the sides of the stage decor.

Decor was made to last the week and be enjoyed on Sunday by all of the church. We can always come in and refresh balloons to make them last for a display from several days a few months based on your needs.

latex fish with fun eyes float over head throughout the room!

columns with octopus accent either side of the stage for aditional color

special bubble balloons and fish in a bubble add fun and color to the front of stage along with great water and seaweed accents.

Let us know the special theme for your event and we will create custom decorations for you 863-25-2025

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